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Scheduled excursions to the Chernobyl Zone and Nuclear Power Plant

Scheduled excursions to the Chernobyl Zone and Nuclear Power Plant


Scheduled excursions to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
 The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is known all over the world. The events occurred in a result of the accident at the 4th reactor of the Plant changed the lives of millions of people, significantly affected the attitudes and perceptions about the world. 


Tours of the ChNPP-TOUR™ will allow you to know firsthand what happened in the now- closed zone of the Chernobyl NPP, to touch its secrets and events, to find out what is an insidious radiation and learn how to win it. 
  Routes and excursions content developed with the participation of the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident are complete and professional. 

  The area around the epicenter of the Zone – ChNPP is certainly one of the most contaminated sites in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, but OUR EXCURSIONS ARE SAFE! Each excursion of ChNPP-TOUR™ accompanies by professional guides who will warn and will save you from potential dangers in the Zone.

In our calendar you can find a date of the excursion that is appropriate for you:

The tour price includes: the maximum time in the Chernobyl zone (departure from Kyiv on 8.00 (on time!), return on 20.00-21.00), an extensive program of visits of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, the author's supervision of Sergei Mirnyi, a liquidator and writer, or by guides specially trained by him, learning how to survive at elevated background radiation, watching documentaries about Chernobyl, as well as insurance, a comfortable air-conditioned bus, route maps, personal certificates proving your visit of Chernobyl.
Pay attention! Booking a place in the tour must be done no later than 10 days prior to the excursion. If the departure date is still displayed in the calendar, as available, you can still book your place.




Scheduled excursions to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power PlantThe approximate route:

  • observation of buildings in the evacuated villages Zalissia and Kopachi
  • entry into the 10-km zone - checkpoint "Lelev"
  • Red Forest – a forest, near Chernobyl nuclear power plant adjacent to the most affected by radioactive dust from the reactor
  • sign "Pripyat", entry in Pripyat - a city built for Chernobyl personnel who were resettled during the first three days after the disaster
  • walking tour in the Pripyat: ferris wheel, kindergarten and school, swimming pool, stadium, cinema "Prometheus", river harbor, building with a police detention room, building of the city executive committee - the first headquarters of the aftermath of the accident; the hotel "Polessye", which was a point for correction helicopters’ operations over the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant; hospital, where the first victims of the accident were delivered.
  • The Chernobyl nuclear power plant: memorial at the administration building,
  • Sarcophagus - an observation deck,
  • construction of the second sarcophagus,
  • by-pass around the site of Chernobyl NPP, feeding catfishes in the cooling pond at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
  • unfinished cooling towers
  • lunch in the dining room of the ChNPP or dinner in the Chernobyl town (optional)
  • a walk in the Chernobyl town and an exhibition of robots and technology since the elimination of the disaster.

МLocation of all the objects of the route you can find on a map of the Exclusion Zone


Schedule a trip:
7.30 - boarding a bus (across the road from the entrance to the South Terminal of the Kyiv Central Railway Station (Petrozavodskaya str., Kiev, Ukraine), see the map and the panorama of the venue.
8.00 - departure from Kiev (without delays!)
17.00-18.00 - a delicious dinner prepared from ecologically clean products on request (cost - $8; tasty and plentiful food).
20.00-21.00 - the arrival to Kiev.
To book a place on the tour –you should fill the application, where you will be asked to provide your full name, date of birth (in the format dd.mm.yy), series and passport number, nationality and prepay your trip.
Dress code is strict in the Zone, you must comply with it!
You NEED pants, long sleeve sweater and comfortable shoes, and closed with thick soles.
You MAY NEED a hat, jacket, rain poncho, spare socks.
PROHIBITED: clothes with short sleeves, cropped pants, skirts and dresses, open toe shoes.
In order to enter the Chernobyl Zone, you must have:
- PASSPORT! – Without it you are not allowed to enter the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone;
- umbrella - in case of rain, spare socks - in case of dew
- food and water for the journey
- own small first aid kit. .


In order to enable you to keep radiological situation under control, you can rent a dosimeter Terra-P (80 UAH, or 10 US$). It will allow you measuring radiation levels during the tour, and in the end find out the exact dose you received.


   Entry into the Zone is allowed only to adults (after 18 years).
After our tourist guides introduce you the rules of conduct in the Zone, you will need to sign a document confirming this, and the fact that you are healthy at the time of the trip, do not have a serious illnesses, and will not have any claims to the organizers during the trip or after completion of the trip. The Zone has a lot of buildings in disrepair. Be careful, your safety depends on your care. Entry of persons with alcohol or drugs is prohibited. The complaints are not accepted; payment is non-refundable.